This typeface was designed for the Of Rights and Resistance exhibition at the National Slavery Museum in Liverpool in response to the political campaign around gun regulatons, that began after the Parkland school shooting of Feburary 2018. 

I wanted to create a typeface that would have the ability to deliver a strong message, both on screen and in print. The typeface was specifically developed from a particular protest board stating ‘Your Thoughts And Prayers Are Not Enough’. The bold statement, combined with the hand-rendered type, felt as if it single handedly embodied the passion of the protests.
I ‘sampled’ the type of the sign, developed and refined it, to create the typeface. This is a free typeface to use and download for personal, commercial or political use. 

Not Enough is a typeface, originating from an incredibly emotive source. However, I encourage anyone who chooses  to use this typeface to use it to make their voice heard, about any issue or discussion that matters to them. 

If you use this font to create something for social media, please use the hashtag #notenough so a collection of design work can be complied and featured.

Mark v

Not Enough

Free download for personal
and commercial use.

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